Transylvania County Sheriff's Office 2012 Annual Report

by Eddie Gunter | Mar 14, 2013

Transylvania County Sheriff’s Office 2012 Report

It is with great honor that I present to you the Transylvania County Sheriff’s Office 2012 Report.  My office has worked diligently to provide the highest quality and most professional law enforcement services to the citizens of our county.  As you will see, we have had a busy, yet productive year. You will see from our statistics and the information provided to you that demand for our services is ever increasing.  It is the goal of the Sheriff’s Office to meet this demand with integrity, professionalism, fairness, and respect.  I look forward to working with each of you and the citizens of Transylvania County during 2013.  Thank you for the honor of serving as your sheriff.



David A. Mahoney






We saw an extremely busy year in our detention center.  Our staff processed 1,777 inmates into the jail during the year.  Our average daily population was 57.  The average stay for an inmate was 18.7 days.  We have worked diligently to be able to house a number of inmates from Polk, Cherokee and Henderson counties for most of the calendar year.  This agreement has generated approximately $30,744 in revenue for our county.  The State Misdemeanant Confinement Program (SMCP) is up and running.  In 2012, we generated $63,760 in revenue from housing those inmates. With the addition of SCAAP, Commissary, Inmate Phone and Inmate medical co-pays, the total revenue generated by the detention center was $151,856.  Additionally, our detention staff supervised the Inmate Work Crew.  This crew of sentenced inmates completed projects for various county departments as well as performing maintenance and cleaning duties within the detention facility.  The combined effort of this crew saved the county $156,876 in tax payer dollars. 


With just four officers per shift, you can imagine how busy the patrol division can get answering calls for service.  The demands on these officers can be overwhelming.  14,349 calls for service were answered in 2012.  This was an increase from 14,251 calls for service in 2011 and marks the fourth straight year of increases in calls for service. The calls for service in 2012 consumed 16,921 man hours.  Our average response time from dispatch to arrival was just under 8 minutes.  In addition to answering those calls, the patrol division is responsible for serving warrants and criminal summons.  Each patrol deputy is responsible for 76 square miles, 6,618 citizens and 3,833 households. 





Criminal Investigations:

Our investigators stayed busy as well with over 475 new cases assigned. Each investigator carries an average caseload of 95 cases.  In addition to those cases, our investigators pull double duty in many instances.  One investigator is also responsible for all evidence/property management.  In 2012, 1,056 items were received and maintained in the agency evidence inventory by this person. One is also responsible for coordinating and supervising all departmental training. As training requirements increase from state regulations, this position has become a full-time job.  In 2012, this person scheduled and supervised 5,898 hours of training for our employees.  One is also responsible for domestic violence and sexual assault investigations and participates on the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force.  Two investigators are assigned to the Transylvania Narcotics Task Force (TNT).  This task force is charged with investigating drug related crimes in Transylvania County.  In 2012, TNT investigated 321 cases which resulted in 240 arrests.  83 of those cases are still being investigated. Those cases resulted in the seizure of Marijuana, Methamphetamine, Cocaine, K-2, Ecstasy, LSD, Psilocybin, Heroin, and prescription medication. One member of TNT has been selected to join the DEA Task Force in and another has been selected to join the ICE Task Force.  Both of these opportunities will bring additional resources to our county to assist in our fight against illegal narcotics and prescription abuse.  In 2012, Commissioners agreed to fund a 24 hour per week employee to oversee Concealed Carry Permit applications.  In 2012, 293 permit investigations were conducted which resulted in 217 new permits issued, 34 renewals and 1 revocation. There were 442 applications to purchase handguns during the year.


Our Civil Division has seen an incredible amount of growth in their workload.  In 2012, we reassigned work responsibilities to add a third full-time Civil Process Officer.  Even with three full-time officers assigned to the civil division, the



amount of work to complete at times seems impossible.  With statutory deadlines and guidelines, the Civil Division is one of the highest liability areas within the Sheriff’s Office. The Civil Division, with the help of one volunteer working near full time hours, served 3,387 civil papers in 2012.

School Resource Officer:

Our School Resource Officers continue to be a valuable asset to our county.  As part of the overall objective to making our schools a safe environment to learn, SROs taught 481 classes, wrote 115 incident reports, made 306 home visits, made 2,660 student contacts, made 1,195 parent contacts, filed 61 juvenile petitions, made 202 other agency referrals, and made 39 arrests.  In addition to these staggering numbers, our School Resource Officers completed 439 extra duty assignments.  Our SROs are also responsible for staffing both SHIELD and DARE camp.  These unique camps are great opportunities for further building the relationships between our SROs, students, parents and faculty.

Court Security:

As you are aware, the Transylvania County Courthouse is an incredibly busy place.  In June of 2012, we were fortunate to install a new metal detector that allows for more accurate scans and has the capability of statistical information to be recorded.  From June through the end of the year, the Sheriff’s Office provided security for 142 court sessions.  494 inmates were transported to the courthouse.  28,812 people passed through the metal detector with 46% of them alarming.


Our Law Enforcement Canines continue to be a hit in the community.  These law enforcement partners prove to be a great asset in our fight against crime.  The four canine handlers completed 888 hours of training in 2012 which allowed them to be able to conduct 157 vehicle searches, 58 building searches, 28 other area



searches and 23 human tracks.  These searches resulted in the seizure of over 398 grams of marijuana, methamphetamine and cocaine, the seizure of $12,375 of drug money and the apprehension of 34 individuals.  The canines and their handlers were also available for 17 public demonstrations at local schools, churches and civic groups.

Crime Prevention:

The Transylvania County Sheriff’s Office is involved in many different crime prevention efforts.  These efforts include: D.A.R.E. at both the elementary and middle school levels, Eddie Eagle Gun Safety, Stranger Danger and Bus Safety classes, Distracted Driving program at both high schools, after prom lock-in at Rosman High School, SHIELD Camp, DARE Camp, Reassurance Program, Community Advisory Board, Neighborhood Watch, Vacation House Check and our latest partnership, TRIAD/SALT (Seniors and Law Enforcement Together).  All of these programs are designed to encourage our citizens, young and old, to be aware of the things they can do to help minimize the chance of crime occurring in their lives.


We continue to be blessed with an incredible group of volunteers.  These partners provide much needed support to the Sheriff’s Office by providing such services as patrol, court security, data entry, special events, traffic control, jail ministry and many more.  The more than 50 volunteers contributed over 10,200 hours to the citizens of Transylvania County in 2012.  Those hours are valued at $192,038. 

Special Programs:

We were honored to partner with the Brevard Police Department again this year to provide a unique shopping experience to less fortunate children at Christmas.  Cops4Kids was a huge success thanks to the hard work of staff and the generosity of many.  We were able to allow 122 children to spend $100 each on them



and/or their families.  Another exciting program was the Glimmer Of Hope.  This program allows the children of our inmates to spend a special evening with their incarcerated mom or dad.  Each child was given a present on behalf of their parent. Both of these programs are completely supported by the generous donations of many individuals, churches and community partners.



                                                    2009              2010              2011              2012

Breaking/Entering and Burglary:         177                 224                 177              155

Larceny:                                          204                 215                 222              194 

Arson:                                             8                      6                     7                5

Motor Vehicle Theft:                         20                   23                   26                23

Murder/Manslaughter:                      0                      2                      1                0

Rape:                                              4                      10                    4                6

Robbery:                                          3                      6                      1                1

Aggravated Assault:                          29                   34                    25               22


Calls For Service:                              **                 13,848             14,251     14,349

Arrests:                                           918                  1,562               1,755       1,853

Incident Reports Taken:                  1,340                  1,339               1,296       1,370

Civil Papers Served:                        3,518                  3,126              3,579        3,387

Criminal Papers Served:                   3,092                  2,835             2,758        3,140

Clearance Rate (Violent Crime):  89%(58%)*      78%(59%)*      77%(59%)*        *

Clearance Rate (Property Crime):    27%(25%)*      27%(25%)*      27%(25%)*    *

*The numbers in parenthesis reflect the statewide clearance rate.  2012 rates are not yet available.

** Accurate Calls For Service data not available for 2009 because of the transition from Sheriff’s Office

      Dispatch to OCD dispatch.