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Being Safe Means Being Alert – ALL THE TIME


Even in familiar surroundings, we need to constantly be looking for dangers around us throughout our day. Keeping an eye out for hazards can help you identify and avoid them before an injury occurs. Looking at the world through this safety lens can help you protect yourself and those around you.


Watch Where You’re Going -  Distracted walking is on the rise for people of all ages.  With so many things competing for our attention, safety needs to be a priority.

ü  Check your emails and send your texts before you start walking

ü  Duck into a doorway or move off to the side to make a call, send a text or answer emails

ü  Never cross the street while using an electronic device and make sure you can hear traffic and sounds around you

ü  Scan ahead for cracks on the ground, spills or changes in elevation


Protect the Older Adults in Your Life - Falls are a leading cause of death for older adults. There are changes we can make to protect ourselves at any age.

ü  Use non-skid mats or appliques in the bath and shower

ü  Install grab bars in the tub, shower and near the toilet, and railings on the stairs

ü  Provide adequate lighting in every room and stairway

ü  Place nightlights in the kitchen, bathroom and hallways

ü  If necessary, provide older adults with personal walking devices such as canes or walkers


Protect the Children in Your Life -  More than a third of child injuries and deaths happen at home. Parents or guardians should be on the lookout for potential sources of injury. According to the CDC, most incidents occur where there is:

ü  Water: in the bathroom, kitchen, swimming pools or hot tubs

ü  Heat or flame: in the kitchen, fireplace or at a barbeque grill

ü  Toxic substance: under the kitchen sink, in the medicine cabinet, in the garage or garden shed, in a purse or other place where medication are stored

ü  Potential for a fall: on stairs, slippery floors, from high windows or from tipping furniture