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Top Scams of 2015

We received the following information from the Better Business Bureau.  When Better Business Bureau launched BBB Scam Tracker earlier this year, it was expected that tax scams would be high on the list. What was surprising was how high; more than the next three categories put together. In the first 10,000 scam reports processed by BBB, a whopping 24% were about imposters pretending to be either the Internal Revenue Service (2,363 reports) or the Canadian Revenue Agency (50 reports).


The rest of the top ten were all some form of imposter scam: debt collection scam, sweepstakes scam, tech support scam, government grant scam, etc. About 85% of those reporting scams to BBB recognized them as frauds before any money was stolen, but the Top Ten Scams still account for more than $1 million dollars lost from those who filed with BBB.


The “Top Ten Scam Reports” according to the BBB are:


  • Tax Scams (IRS and CRA)  - 2,413
  • Debt Collections – 835
  • Sweepstakes/Prizes/Gifts – 811
  • Tech Support – 608
  • Government Grant  - 574
  • Advanced Fee Loan – 388
  • Credit Cards – 306
  • Work from Home – 261
  • Fake Check/Money Order – 242
  • Lottery - 241


Three of the top four scams reported to the BBB are those that scare people with threats of arrest, law suits or other frightening actions. Scammers are pretending to be government agents, lawyers, debt collectors, police officers. They engage directly with you, so your best bet to avoid being scammed is to stop engaging. Hang up the phone, delete the email, or shut the door.”