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Check On Elderly Neighbors In Extreme Cold

With the record lows that we have seen this past week, I encourage residents of Transylvania County to check on their elderly neighbors.  It is also good to check on friends, relatives and neighbors to make sure they are properly protected from the cold.  The elderly are especially vulnerable to the cold.  As we age, our bodies react differently to extreme conditions, in part because we lose body heat more quickly and also because we are more likely to take medications that affect our ability to regulate body temperature.  Here are some ways that you can help elderly neighbors when extreme cold weather strikes.


ü  Knock on the door to make sure they’re okay. Ask if their heat is working and if they have any needs. Make small talk and share neighborhood news.


ü  Offer to bring mail or newspapers to their door. Slips and falls can cause serious injury for seniors.


ü  Ask if they or their pets need anything when you go to the grocery store or pharmacy.


ü  Remove snow and ice from their car, drive or walkway.


ü  Bring over a hot meal that meets their dietary restrictions.


ü  Make sure they have a way to contact you or someone else in case they need something.


ü  Call on them daily as things can change quickly and oftentimes they will not let anyone know as they do not want to be a burden.


ü  Call the Sheriff’s Office to do a welfare check.


You can also encourage them to sign up for the Sheriff’s Office reassurance program.  Sheriff’s Office staff will call them everyday to check on them to make sure everything is ok.  If they seem confused or disoriented, this can be symptoms of hypothermia, dehydration or stress, and may have nothing to do with the person's age. If someone seems ill, call 9-1-1.