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Beware Of Irish Travelers


The Irish Travelers are a reclusive community of itinerant workers located in North Augusta, South Carolina in a community called “Murphy Village.”  They are descended from 19th century Irish peddlers, and some have reputations as scam artists.  Each spring, many of them leave their homes and families descending upon communities throughout the Southeast.  When they leave the safety of their homes, oftentimes they leave behind their identity.  They assume new identities so it is harder to locate them.


The group has several scams they perpetrate on unsuspecting homeowners including, but not limited to black top repair scams, tree cutting scams, home repair scams, house painting scams and meter reader scams.  Here is how it works.  An unsuspecting home owner gets a knock on their door.  When the homeowner opens the door, they are offered a deal that is hard to refuse.  Sometimes, they use high-pressure sales tactics for driveway blacktopping or sealing, roof work or painting. No matter what they do, much of the time, the work is shabby and overpriced.  The black top scam may consist of taking advantage of consumers by doing cosmetic work and then overcharging for the service.  In the tree cutting scam, the scam artist may ask the homeowner to show them where the property line is located. The homeowner is then distracted long enough for another group of scam artists to enter the home and steal valuables.  Other times, they will be doing work and get close to finishing and spring upon the unsuspecting homeowner that it is going to cost more and begin strong-arming the resident for more money.  Here are some ways to spot these con artists.  If someone shows up at your house unsolicited, offers to do some job around your house, just so happens that they have material left over from a previous job, are driving unmarked vehicles with out-of-state tags, have no business identification or local address and  ask for upfront payment or cash only, then most likely, you have encountered the Irish Travelers.