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Don’t Let The Grinch Steal Christmas,

Keep Thieves From Stealing Your Holiday Packages

This is the time of year when gifts and packages are shipped and, in many cases, left on people’s porches or front doorsteps during the day.  Thieves are trolling neighborhoods watching for delivery trucks dropping off packages.  Many times, the delivery driver will leave the package on the porch of the home.  The thieves will then wait and see if anyone picks up the package.  Then they strike, leaving the unsuspecting victim waiting for their Christmas delivery.  To avoid becoming a victim, there are several things that you can do to protect your purchases.  Here are some tips to prevent the Grinch from stealing your holiday packages.


ü  Have your packages delivered to your work place.

ü  Reschedule your incoming residential deliveries so they arrive when it's convenient for you.  FedEx offeres a feature called “Schedule Your Delivery.”  All you have to do is pick the date and time range that works best.  UPS also offers a service called UPS My Choice.  By signing up for UPS My Choice, you can reroute or reschedule home deliveries.

ü  Have your packages delivered to the UPS or FedEx store.

ü  Have your neighbor on stand-by to pick up your package in your absence.


Many of the shippers offer insurance as part of the delivery fee.  It is usually no more than $100.  So, if your purchase is worth more than $100, it’s a good ideal to purchase additional insurance to protect your purchase.  Additionally, you can get the tracking number and track your package and ensure that you are at home when it is scheduled to be delievered.